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Aiysha Varraich


Aiysha Varraich

Rumsnummer: B432
Postadress: Box 711, 40530 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Sprängkullsgatan 19 , 41123 Göteborg

Statsvetenskapliga institutionen (Mer information)
Box 711
405 30 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Sprängkullsgatan 19 , 411 23 Göteborg

Om Aiysha Varraich


I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science and the Quality of Government Institute since 2014. I have a Master’s degree in International Administration and Global Governance from the University of Gothenburg, and an LLB Law degree from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Before joining the department, as a reseach associate, I carried out research for the American Bar Association and the UNDP at the International Legal Resource Centre, in Washington DC.

Areas of interest

My research interests include clientelism, religion, trust and corruption in developing countries. My earlier research focused on quality of government, decentralisation, corruption and service delivery within developing countries. As a research associate within the interdisciplinary project Anti-Corruption Policies Revisited (ANTICORRP), I mapped corruption and its overlaps with concepts such as clientelism and state capture.

Other research interests include South Asia, survey experiments and security studies.

Current research

In my dissertation I focus on clientelism and its effects on democratic processes in developing democracies, specifically the effects of religious clientelism spilling over to political clientelism. Furthermore, the dissertation recasts clientelism, through focusing on the currency of exchange between the parties, from merely a material exchange to including non-material (non-economic) exchanges; broadening the concept to allow for religious/spiritual incentives as part and parcel of the exhange itself.


Making Sense of Corruption. (2016). (together with Bo Rothstein). Cambridge University Press.

Policy publications
”Västra Götaland Region” (2010) (together with Sofia Jonsson) in "Measuring the Quality of Government in EU and Subnational Variation " Report for the European Commission Directorate-General Regional Policy Directorate Policy Development

Working papers
Varraich, Aiysha. ”Corruption: An Umbrella Concept”. QOG Working Paper 2014:05


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Making Sense of Corruption
Aiysha Varraich, Bo Rothstein
Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge University Press, Bok 2017

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