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Master's Theses

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Some theses are published through the Gothenburg University Publications - Electronic Archive (GUPEA). Click on the serial number of those theses to come directly to that thesis or search for a thesis at gupea.ub.gu.se.


Serial number Title

EURP MA 105 Storm in a Teacup: Evaluating environmental credibility in the EU’s argumentation for an energy chapter in TTIP

EURP MA 106 The Burying of the Social Union? The implications of the UK settlement for European social citizenship

EURP MA 107 Size and Flow – Does it make a difference? Multinational electricity market integration and price effects at the Nordic electricity market

EURP MA 108 Regulating the (E)Uterus: Epistemic Communities in the European Medicines Agency and the case of ellaOne

EURP MA 109 Not indicted, and yet they do care: Why EU Governments file Observations to Cases before the ECJ

EURP MA 110 Populist Radical Right Parties presence in European National Parliaments: Having an impact on public opinions towards immigrants?

EURP MA 111 Best practice, only for the best? A study of the European Commission’s role in increasing the diffusion of sustainable urban mobility measures throughout European cities

EURP MA 112 Understanding EU Foreign Policy: A comparative analysis of British, French and German foreign policy role conceptions

EURP MA 113 Women’s Political Representation in post-communist Europe: A study of what factors explain women’s presence in parliaments post-transition, 1992-2010

EURP MA 114 From outsider to insider: The Effect of Citizenship Acquisition on the Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in 18 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland

EURP MA 115 The border is not the end: The geostrategies of the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament towards the Turkish border

EURP MA 116 Europeanization of Renewable Energy Policy: European member states and their attitude towards common support schemes for renewable energy sources

EURP MA 117 Patriotic and anti-Islam, but European? What European means for Pegida in Dresden

EURP MA 118 Constructing security: FRONTEX and the Discursive Construction of Migration as a Threat

EURP MA 119 EU and AU’s approaches to the responsibility to prevent: A comparative quantitative study on the EU and AU’s practice of short-term conflict prevention

EURP MA 120 Vulnerable EU migrants’ access to welfare – a source of conflict? A comparative study of Party-Political Approaches in Gothenburg and Stockholm

EURP MA 121 Who is the green leader in solar energy matters? A theorization of political leadership in domestic solar energy development in the case of the EU, the USA and the People’s Republic of China

EURP MA 122 Blue growth – A case study of the Västra Götaland Region. Public-Private Partnerships and the joint ambition to increase innovation

EURP MA 123 The success of the radical right in Western Europe – The effect of mainstream parties’ policy positions?

EURP MA 124 Stories of migration – Gendered perspectives of “youth brain drain” from Greece


Serial number Title

EURP MA 80 Career Ambitions and Roles in the European Parliament - A case study of the 2014 French delegation to the European People's Party

EURP MA 81 Beyond Access to Finance - A Micro- and macro level study of determinants of SME growth

EURP MA 82 Does time make more converts than reason? An analysis of what drives public opinion towards the European Union in Sweden

EURP MA 83 The liberalisation of the European Railway Market - Did the railway packages have a statistical significant effect on rail freight in the EU Member States?

EURP MA 84 The Ukraine crisis and EU energy policy - A paradigm shift?

EURP MA 85 A Tale of Two Elections? - Differences in Media Representations between the European Parliament Election and National Election

EURP MA 86 Rape and Media Coverage in Hungary and in the United Kingdom - Expanding on the FRA’s Violence against Women Survey

EURP MA 87 Standardizing CSR with current guidelines and standards - The case of business-to-business service enterprises in the EU and Sweden

EURP MA 88 An outcast or a tightrope walker? - A study on Belarus-EU trade and economic integration

EURP MA 89 Is the European Union speaking with one voice in Brussels, Vienna and Strasbourg? -The EU at the OSCE and the Council of Europe during the Ukraine crisis

EURP MA 90 Does Globalization create polarization? - A quantitative test of Kriesi’s assumption that Globalization creates social conflicts between winners and losers on the cultural integration demarcation dimension, using European integration as a case.

EURP MA 91 Family policy and gender-role attitudes in Germany - A quantitative analysis of the relationship between public policy and public opinion

EURP MA 92 The legitimacy of Swedish regional Brussels offices - A question of structure of responsible authorities?

EURP MA 93 Regional Leadership as The EU Foreign Policy – The analysis on EU leadership positioning in Eastern Europe.

EURP MA 94 When a neglecting Hegemon meets a Realist Power - The Eastern Partnership and its conflicting Perceptions

EURP MA 95 A matter of democracy: EU soft law in the education area - A study on how Sweden relates and refers to the European Union in the policy field of higher education

EURP MA 96 Managing the inflow and outflow - Evaluating EU Readmission and Visa facilitation agreements

EURP MA 97 Accepting Homosexuality - Measuring and Explaining Levels of Perceived Discrimination among Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in the European Union

EURP MA 98 Reconsidering the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’ – A deliberative perspective

EURP MA 99 Does the European Union speak with a single voice? – A quantitative study of EU’s voting behavior in United Nations General Assembly

EURP MA 100 Political Influence and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes

EURP MA 101 A Formal EU Forest Policy - An explorative study of the Swedish Governments attitudes toward a formal EU Forest Policy from a European integration perspective

EURP MA 102 The Member States and the Court of Justice - Why do Member States participate in preliminary reference proceedings?

EURP MA 103 Do great expectations in Brussels fail due to political disagreement in Stockholm? - A study on political contestation and Swedish transposition records

EURP MA 104 I’m a Graduate, Get Me Out of Here! Discourses on Graduate Unemployment in the United Kingdom 2009 - 2015


Serial number Title

EURP MA 66 Competing or complementing? An empirical pilot study of Swedish MEPs’ and MPs’ perceptions of Nordic and European security collaborations

EURP MA 67 Security and Privacy in the EU. A balancing act in a digital environment

EURP MA 68 Standardization policies in the EU. A case study of Les Mills International Ltd. – Entering and penetrating the European Market

EURP MA 69 Beyond access. Interest group lobbying towards the European. Commission: Between facts and fiction

EURP MA 70 From the fringes to the mainstream? Transference of Eurosceptical rhetoric between political parties in Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom

EURP MA 71 The Canary in the Coal Mine. Governance and Security Discourses in the EU’s Arctic Policy

EURP MA 72 Lack of viable energy sources and nationalistic behavior of EU member States. Is there a connection in the energy field?

EURP MA 73 A Political Bellwether? The European Commission’s Interaction with the Court of Justice of the European Union under the Preliminary Ruling Procedure

EUROP MA 74 Climate change adaptation. How framing in a multi-level governance system could prevent your basement from being flooded

EURP MA 75 EU-ETS Price drivers and function

EURP MA 76 We Love the ‘Nordic Way of Life’ A study on How International Students’ Perception of Europe and the Nordic Countries Influenced their Study Abroad Decision

EURP MA 77 A new era for transportation in Europe? Prerequisites for the electric vehicle introduction in Germany, France, Sweden and at EU-level

EURP MA 78 Compliance with EU law at the ‘street level’ The case of the CHP directive

EURP MA 79 Stuck Between Ukraine’s trade relations with Russia and the EU


Serial number Title

EURP MA 39 Building a common identity the impact of transnational EU projects An interview study with 12 participants in Gothenburg

EURP MA 40 Failure after success A study of extreme right party failure in Eastern Europe

EURP MA 41 City Networking in Europe Rescaling of the state and increased importance of cities in the multi-level system of governance

EURP MA 42 The Struggle Within Examining the presence of ʼwin-winʼ solutions in EU environmental legislation

EURP MA 43 Expected interests, or just interesting expectations? - How the EU’s bodies promote and prioritize policies in the EaP and ASEAN

EURP MA 44 The EU - a Normative Power Understanding the EU’s motivations through its use and non-use of sanctions (restrictive measures)

EURP MA 45 Exam on multiculturalism – acculturation process of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe in Sweden

EURP MA 46 The Nordics’ fear of the Russian bear The Nordics’ threat perception of Russia’s military capacity as portrayed by media and the structural factors behind this picture

EURP MA 47 Bound to Cooperate A legal inquiry of regional cooperation conditionality in the Stabilisation and Association Agreement

EURP MA 48 Russia’s and the European Union’s Relation in the Context of their Foreign Policies Towards Moldova

EURP MA 49 Losing cabin pressure A study on the forces behind the proposal to derogate intercontinental flights from Directive 2003/87/EC

EURP MA 50 Political Intersectionality within Domestic Care A document analysis of EESC OPINIONS regarding discrimination within domestic care through the lens of political intersectionality

EURP MA 51 The Art of Lobbying - A qualitative study on interest groups choice of lobby strategy towards the European Parliament

EURP MA 52 Regulatory reform on the European gas market Does it make a difference?

EURP MA 53 Countering the Menstrual Mainstream A Study of the European Menstrual Countermovement

EURP MA 54 Pride and Prejudice A comparative case study on party response to LGBT-rights in Serbia and Croatia

EURP MA 55 The deregulation of the Swedish pharmacy monopoly A case of Europeanization in domestic policy-making

EURP MA 56 You are what you eat! The effects of nationality on the consumption choices of consumers in times of the Euro crisis and the consequences this has for the idea of the European Common Market

EURP MA 57 A Crisis In the Cabinet? - The effects of the economic crisis on the representation of women in the political executive

EURP MA 58 Making Plans For Nigel - Explaining the success of the United Kingdom Independence Party in the 2013 local council elections with a focus on Boston, Lincolnshire

EURP MA 59 A Certain Degree of Financial Solidarity A legal examination of the relationship between social security, Union citizenship, and solidarity

EURP MA 60 Perceptions of Healthcare and Trust

EURP MA 61 Unfolding social policy Developments The impact of domestic partisan variations and EU influence on family and unemployment policy outcomes in post-communist Croatia

EURP MA 62 Welcome to the Jungle Civil Society involvement in Urban Labor Migration Governance in Gothenburg

EURP MA 63 New Risks, Old Methods Testing the link between welfare regimes, housing systems and “ability to pay rent” in Western Europe

EURP MA 64 Understanding the Effects of Economic Crisis of 2008 on Public Opinion over Climate Change Multilevel Cross-National Analysis in EU Countries

EURP MA 65 The retreat of multiculturalism – an exaggerated and misleading narrative? Examining the policy development of immigrant integration in Sweden and Germany between 2006 and 2013


Serial number Title

EURP MA 25 Decision-Making in the Arctic Council – A Case Study of the Sustainable Development Working Group

EURP MA 26 Contested Sovereignty – The case of Greece

EURP MA 27 In search of a more restrictive asylum policy? – Understanding the standpoint towards the Common European Asylum System

EURP MA 28 For better or for worse? Happiness among unemployed in 19 European countries – the effect of the economic crisis of 2008

EURP MA 29 The ‘Fight’ Against Irregular Immigration Post-Amsterdam - A Constructivist Approach to the Study of Security

EURP MA 30 EU Enlargement and National Identity - The Case of Serbia

EURP MA 31 The Rotating-Presidency in a Post-Lisbon Environment: agenda-setter or agenda-manager?

EURP MA 32 Fertile Grounds for the Populist Radical-Right A time-series cross-sectional study of opinion poll data on PRRP popularity in EU member states

EURP MA 33 Exploring the economic threat of immigrants – Do populist radical right voers perceive more threat that others and what effect has welfare state generosity on this

EURP MA 34 Trade Gone Bananas: A Study of Political Control over Trade

EURP MA 35 Skilled, interested, and governmental – the average participant A case study participation, opportunities in the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region

EURP MA 36 EU, Planner of Global Sustainable Development? Multiple Case Studies on EUEI Biomass Energy Strategy

EURP MA 37 Theorizing Energy Security An Institutionalist Perspective

EURP MA 38 What is the EU? The European Union foreign policy discourse


Serial number Title

EURP MA 22 The EU-Turkey Foreign Policy Relationship: A Security Approach - An analysis of Turkey’s orientation to the European Security Strategy and human security and its impact on the EU-Turkey relationship

EURP MA 23 Det bästa för miljön, det bästa för Europa? Europeiska kommissionens officiella argumentation i frågan om EU-harmonisering av miljöskatter

EURP MA 24 ’Normative Power Europe’ – Ett sätt för EU att implementera normer i Kina?


Serial number Title

EURP MA 10 “We need both”. Identifying the different stages of norm promotion. The European Union as a promoter of values: the case of the Eastern Partnership

EURP MA 11 En jämförande studie av Albaniens, Makedoniens och Serbiens minoritetspolitik, 2002-2009

EURP MA 12 Grannskap, vänskap och säkerhetskomplex. En konstruktivistisk analys av EU:s säkerhetspolitiska relation till Vitryssland, Ukraina och Moldavien

EURP MA 13 Liberty, equality, exclusion – Sverigedemokraterna and liberal anti- immigrant frames in Western Europe

EURP MA 14 Historiebruk i politiken. Examens- uppsats i Europakunskap om historieanvändning i debatter i Europaparlamentet 2004-2009

EURP MA 15 I domstolens fälla? Den liberala Intergovernmentalismen från Utsationeringsdirektivet till Lavaldomen

EURP MA 16 The European Union – a powerful gender regime or a promoter of one-sided gender equality?

EURP MA 17 The many faces of the Council of the European Union: A study of decision making in the Council

EURP MA 18 The Baltic Sea Strategy and Regional Development

EURP MA 19 Twigly och Twitter på se2009.eu. En fallstudie av det svenska EU- ordförandeskapets användning av sociala medier på ordförandeskapswebben

EURP MA 20 EU: s uttalanden inom den gemensamma utrikes- och säkerhets- politiken mellan 2003och 2009. En analys av riktning och bakgrunds- faktorer

EURP MA 21 Kulturen bakom kulturen – en komparativ studie av kultursynens Inverkan på tyska och svenska kulturpolitiska strukturer


Serial number Title                         

EURP MA 1 A Non-Exclusionary Citizenship         

EURP MA 2 Society on Trial An analysis of the legal institutions and social capitalism in Western Europe

EURP MA 3 Mångkulturalismens påverkan på  samernas situation inom utbildningsväsendet. En komparativ studie mellan Norge och Sverige

EURP MA 4 Somewhere in between – An empirical study of the dual party belonging of Members of the European Parliament and its impacts on attitudes to the European Communtiy's Development Cooperation

EURP MA 5 Tjänstedirektivet, fri rörlighet av tjänster. Kartläggning och analys av argument och debatten i Sverige

EURP MA 6 Nord Stream. Det nationella intresset och den övernationella kontexten

EURP MA 7 Månadens pralin eller personlig utveckling? – en studie om kommunala tjänstemäns syn på lärande och internationellt arbete

EURP MA 8 Snackar du också europeiska? – En teoriutvecklande studie över hur politiker och högre tjänstemän i Kungälvs kommun upplever relationen mellan sig avseende det internationella arbetet i kommunen

EURP MA 9 Choosing your neighbors. Ukrainian motives for cooperating with the new EU donors

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