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CeCAR seminar with Svein Jentoft


Svein Jentoft, University of Tromsö, presents his paper "Governing Change in Global Small-Scale Fisheries: The Poverty - Climate Change Nexus".

Abstract: Small-scale fisheries globally are a major contributor to global food security. Yet, millions of the people in this sector are living in poverty. The impacts of climate change are making this situation worse, as poverty is in itself reducing their capacity to cope and adapt, thus making their situation even more precarious. The fate of small-scale fisheries is therefore among the concerns of the UN. This can be seen in both the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries, endorsed by FAO member states in 2014, and in the Sustainable Development Goals. These two instruments form the background for this presentation, which will focus on the manner in which the poverty - climate change nexus is conceptualized in science, policy-making and public discourse. Do we talk about this nexus in ways that capture the essence of the challenge? Does the language used point in the direction of a proper response?

Datum: 2018-10-18

Tid: 10:00 - 12:00

Kategorier: Samhällsvetenskap

Plats: Annedalsseminarium sal 419

Kontaktperson: Niklas Harring

Sidansvarig: |Sidan uppdaterades: 2011-03-07

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