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Gender, Diplomacy and Peace


Welcome to an afternoon of talks and discussions about Gender, Diplomacy and Peace.

Whereas both diplomacy and peace processes used to be virtually all male terrains with little concern for gender issues, diplomatic interactions have recently seen a large influx of women and much more focus on gender justice. In 2018, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege for their work to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. We invite you to an afternoon of talks and discussion of these groundbreaking developments.

What is a feminist foreign policy, and does it work?
What difference does the entry of women into diplomacy make?
How do international efforts address sexualized violence in conflict?

Free lunch sandwiches served at 12:30 for those who preregister

Föreläsare: Ambassador Ann Bernes from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs will speak about the experiences of pursuing a feminist foreign policy, and leading researchers on gender, diplomacy and peace from the GenDip Program at the University of Gothenburg, the Center for Gender Research of the University of Oslo, and the Centre on Gender, Peace and Security of PRIO (Peace Research Institute in Oslo) will present their latest research findings. Among these researchers, professor Inger Skjelsbæk of PRIO is a deputy member of the Nobel Committee that selects the annual Nobel Peace Prize.

Datum: 2019-02-07

Tid: 13:00 - 17:00

Kategorier: Samhällsvetenskap

Arrangör: Ann Towns

Plats: Dragonen, Sprängkullsgatan 19

Ytterligare information:
Event Poster Feb 7 2019.pdf

Sista anmälningsdag: 2019-02-05 kl. 13:00.

Kontaktperson: Lena Caspers

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