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Questions and Answers about applying for the doctoral (PhD) programme in Political Science

Q: Do I have to be able to speak Swedish in order to apply?
A: No, but we appreciate preparedness to learn Swedish. Several of our research groups use English as their working language, and most information at the Department is available in Swedish and English. However, we also have several seminars and meetings in Swedish only.

Q: If I apply, will I be called to an interview? When? What if I cannot participate?
A: A limited number of applicants are selected for interviews. It will be an ongoing process, but we expect to start interviewing candidates towards the end of March. We recommend applicants to take the opportunity to meet with us in person. However, if practical reasons make this impossible, we can also arrange a skype interview.

Q: Do I have to have a supervisor in order to apply?
A: No. The process of selecting the appropriate supervisors for the doctoral (PhD) project starts during the first semester of the program.

Q: Can I work with other things while I am writing my doctoral thesis?
A: With the paid position as a doctoral student comes the expectation that the doctoral studies are the primary focus. It is an intellectual challenge and a full time job. But yes, it is possible (and even expected) to do some teaching. Furthermore, it is possible to engage in administrative tasks, project coordination and related research-assignments and collaborations.

Q: Do I have to write my doctoral thesis exactly as I describe it in my research plan?
A: No, not exactly. Of course, the quality of a research plan is improved if the chosen field of research is an area of special interest and knowledge to the applicant, and in most cases, the research plan is a first step of the doctoral project. However, it is possible and even natural to make adjustments during the first year of the programme.

Q: Will the choice of topic in my research plan have an impact on my chances to become accepted to the programme?
A: For the general positions, the selection process does not include assessment of the chosen topic but focus is instead on the academic quality of how the topic is addressed. Se the separate guide lines for writing a research plan.

Q: Will my previous supervisor(s) have an impact on my chances to become accepted to the programme?
A: Only to the extent that you might want to use her or him as a personal reference in your application. We check personal references for the applicants that we invite to an interview. Please note that former supervisors are not the only relevant personal references, but other persons you have worked with are also relevant to consider.

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