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Practical information and student support

Each student will have all the rights and privileges enjoyed by other students of the university in which they are studying (University of Fudan and University of Gothenburg).

Students participating in the double degree studies will be subject to the rules, regulations and discipline of the university in which they are studying.

Academic year

The calender for the academic year is similar in Gothenburg and Shanghai. The academic year goes on from September to June.

Housing and insurance

Students participating in the double degree studies will benefit from all services offered by the host university. The services should be the same as those provided to regular students at the respective institution. For more information regarding general student services at the University of Gothenburg, see Student Life.

In addition to the regular services offered by each university, each partner undertakes to provide:

Support in the search for accommodation

Students admitted to the double degree-option through the University of Gothenburg will be helped find accomodation in Shanghai, but we cannot guarantee it in advance. You apply online for dorms in the campus area. 

Students admitted through SIRPA/Fudan will be helped with finding accomodation in Gothenburg, but we cannot guarantee it in advance. We strongly recommended you to look for accommodation in Gothenburg as soon as you can. For information and tips, see Incoming student, Student Housing, SGS studentbostäder, Boplats, Housing Anywhere.

Information about personal, home and health insurance

The students admitted to the double degree-option through the University of Gothenburg are covered by the Student UT-insurance (issued by Kammarkollegiet) 24-hours a day. The insurance cover applies in China during the period in which the studies take place and during direct travel between China and the student’s residence in Sweden or the city in which studies are conducted in Sweden. The insurance also applies during holidays while the insured is staying in the country where he/she is studying and the studies will continue after the holiday. More information about the Student-UT insurance can be found here.

Social and academic preparations

Social activities

The University of Gothenburg hosts The International Student Welcome Programme in the beginning of each term. The programme of events and activities provides international students with practical information about the university and living in Gothenburg. It is also a perfect opportunity to meet other international students and student buddies from all over the world.

The Fudan University will have an orientaion course approximately one week before the semester starts.

Local language courses

The University of Gothenburg offers Swedish language courses for all international students.

The Fudan University offers Chinese language course for all international students.

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