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SIRPA, Fudan University

Get more out of your education! Earn a Master's double degree in collaboration with School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) at Fudan University, in Shanghai, China.

This double degree option has been up and running from the fall seemster 2016. It's offered for students on Master's programme in International Administration and Global Governance (IAGG) and Master's programme in European Studies (MAES).

This double degree option is ideal for students interested in an internationally-orientated and interdisciplinary course of study. A maximum of three students from each university will spend one year at the University of Gothenburg (UoG) and the next year at SIRPA. Upon successful completion of these studies, students are awarded a master's degree from each university.

The studies prepare students for entering the job market or for continuing on to Ph.D studies. Each programme provides an excellent foundation for a national or international career in the private or public sector.

There are several advantages to studying a double degree option, including: broadened experience by studying at two universities in two different countries; a pre-approved study programme, making course approvals simpler once successfully completed; and opportunities to learn or improve another language.

To study in Shanghai was a rare and absolutely tremendous opportunity

Amalia Brandt Hjerstedt spent one year of her double degree master’s programme at the Fudan University in Shanghai. To study in China has taught her the advantage of mobility and cultural diversity, which is useful within the Business Development industry in Hong Kong where she works today. Read more here>>

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