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Programme overview syllabus

The Programme sylllabus is a document that regulates the educational content of the programme, as well as specifying the goals that the students are required to meet in order to graduate.

Programme syllabus

EMAES consists of a compulsory methods course, a further three compulsory courses, a choice between two elective courses, and a compulsory thesis course. The methods course is integrated with the other courses in the programme, so that methods are studied in parallel to the various themes addressed in each course.

The programme is structured as follows:

You can read more about the courses here.

The dates for the on-campus meetings for students accepted in 2016 and 2017 respectively are as follows:

First round of students                      Second round of students

5-6 September 2016                           7-8 September 2017
13-14 October 2016                            19-20 October 2017
23-24 January 2017                            22-23 January 2018
24-25 April 2017                                  16-17 April 2018
19-20 October 2017                            11-12 October 2018
22-23 January 2018                            28-29 January 2019
11-13 June 2018                                 10-12 June 2019



Director of studies
Urban Strandberg

Student counsellor
Chrissie Evling

Study administrator
Maria Lilleste

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