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Entrance Requirements, Selection and Application

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Entrance requirements

The minimum entry requirement is:

  • A Bachelor's Degree with a minimum of 90 credits in consecutive courses in a humanities discipline such as Cultural Sciences, History, History of Ideas, Philosophy, Religious Studies or equivalent, or 90 credits in consecutive courses in a social science discipline such as Business Administration, Economic Geography, Economic History, Economics, European Studies, Human Geography, International Relations, Media and Communication, Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration or equivalent. Students at the Law Programme are also eligible to apply to the Master's Programme, after three years 180 credits equivalent of a bachelor degree.
  • English proficiency. This requirement is filled through English B/6 level or equialent. To find out what is deemed as equivalent, please read here.


Admissions decisions are based on the degree work you will have finished by the start of the programme. In other words, you do not have to have completed your bachelors degree when you apply. You must, however, have completed all coursework when the programme begins. No exceptions will be made in this regard.


If there are more applicants than there are places, the selection is based on an overall assessment of your academic and professional experiences, and how well the program fits into your broadly defined career goals.

We therefore ask that, in addition to documents related to the entry requirements (i.e. transcript, degree, and certification that you meet the language requirement), you also up-load

1) a CV (maximum 2 pages) that gives an overview of your academic merits, and your experiences of organizational and/or professional life, as well as
2) a Statement of Intent.

Upload the CV and Statement of Intent to universityadmissions.se no later than February 3 (if you apply in the first admission round) or May 4 (if you apply in the second admission round). The CV and Statement of intent should be in English. The maximum length of the CV is two pages.

Please use the form, Statement of intent, which will be available below. Name the document with the name of the programme before up-loading on universityadmissions.se. The form is fixed and the space is limited. The statement of intent should address the questions below, and be well structured and written, in clear and concise language. In your own words, please tell us:

  • What are some of your personal as well as professional aims and aspirations, and in what way do you think that the Master’s Programme in European Studies Humanities Track/Social Science Track will help you develop toward those goals?
  • What specifically in the MAES structure and content attracted your interest?
  • How have your past experiences (both academic and non-academic) shaped your interest in the issues dealt with in the MAES?
  • How have these experiences prepared you for the MAES?
  • Since students’ individual writing and advanced analysis are cornerstones within the MAES, which are your practical experiences from individual writing and analysis by the help of social science methodologies?

Statement of Intent MAES

You need to download the above Statement of intent and open with Acrobat reader to fill out the form. NB! If you are using Apple please follow the instructions on www.universityadmissions.se.

At the same qualifications where demarcation shall take place, priority will be given to applicants with 60hec or more in European Studies.


This Master Programme starts every September. There are two application periods for the programme but each application period is directed to specific groups of students. Please note that there is one application code for the first period and another for the second. Only the code corresponding to the current application period is open. When no application period is open, no programmes will appear at the websites, so make sure that you submit your application within the time limit.

No documents sent to the University will be considered. All documents have to be submitted following the instructions given at www.universityadmissions.se and/or www.antagning.se.

If you are unsure of what documents to submit, please have a look here and at "Entrance requirements and Selection" on the menu to the left. We do not want any letters of recommendations, but do not forget to submit you CV and Statement of intent.

All questions concerning the technical part of your application will be answered by www.universityadmissions.se/www.antagning.se. All questions regarding admission will be answered by the Admission Office at the University of Gothenburg.

First application round for non-Swedish applicants November 1 - January 15

Non Swedish applicants are:

EEA students (EU Member States and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)
non EEA students who require a visa to Sweden

EEA students or non-EEA students apply at www.universityadmissions.se. Follow all the instructions that are given on the page. All documents must arrive to University Admissions in Sweden by the date stated on the webpage, to be considered. Therefore make sure that you send in all documents well before the time limit as the mail deliverance from several countries may take long time. The strict time limits for application are due to visa applications, among other issues. You must pay the application fee of 900 Swedish kronor by this date as well.

Please note how your TOEFL-test results must be sent here.

Second application round for Swedish applicants and EEA applicants March 15 - April 15

This application period is open for:

Swedish students
EEA students (EU Member States and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)

Swedish students or EEA students apply at www.antagning.se (in swedish) och www.universityadmissions.se (in english). Follow all the instructions that are given on the page. All documents must arrive to University Admissions in Sweden by the date stated on the webpage.

Please note here how your TOEFL-test results must be sent be valid. Some nationalities have to have their University transcripts sent directly as well. APPLICATION FEE: 900 SEK (Does not apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students).

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