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Jonathan Polk


Senior Lecturer in the department of political science and the Centre for European Research. I received my PhD in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012.


My research focuses on comparative political party and electoral behavior in European and other OECD countries. Areas of interest include: the connections between shifts in the positioning of political parties and vote choice, party position measurement, representation, EU politics, and interpersonal trust.

Pågående forskning

I am a member of the Chapel Hill Expert Survey (CHES) research group, which administers web-based surveys to measure the positions of political party leadership in Europe. Together with CHES colleagues, I am working on a variety of papers that examine these data. I am also the co-principal investigator of the 2015 Swedish Party Membership survey. This project collects and analyzes information on the political attitudes and behavior of over 10,000 members from seven different Swedish political parties.

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond – The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences – finances my research project exploring the immediate and long-term effects of ideological repositioning for mainstream political parties in Western Europe.


My teaching includes an MA course on European integration theory and research, an undergraduate course on democracy and the European Union, MA lectures on comparative politics, and supervision of student research on these topics.

Publikationer och papers

My research has been published in: Comparative Political Studies, European Union Politics, Party Politics, and Journal of Politics, among other journals. Please see my CV for further information about my publications.



Rum, C403

031-786 6360


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